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Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode. Plus additional features such as Groups Manager and ability to work with new generation of 2D barcode and magnetic readers.

  Product list Complete Age Verification System  

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Complete Age Verification System

System includes:

  • Netbook Laptop computer with 10" screen
  • IDScan.net reader Model 250(Magnetic stripe/2D barcode )
  • VeriAge Wizz Software
Laptop PC - Lenovo/Acer/ASUS (10.1" Display, Intel Mobile CPU, 1 Gb RAM, 160 Gb Hard Drive, MS Windows XP) new in box with manufacturer's warranty.
The Model 250 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with the 2D barcode reading technology. The Model 250 can read any government issued ID card with magnetic stripe information and/or 2D barcodes. This creates a single device for reading virtually all government issued ID's. The data is transferred to the host device via USB or RS-232. This approach to scanning both magstripe and 2D information with one device is an ideal solution for the POS environment. Comes with a custom USB cable ($45 value), no power supply is needed. This is (by far) the best reader for IDs on the market.
All cables are included - system is tested and guaranteed to work or your money back!
Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode.

List of Features:

  • Reads Government issued Driver's Licenses
  • Reliable Age Verification/ID Expiration
  • Easy to install and use
  • Collects customers' info such as name and mailing address
  • Creates log with exact time information
  • Groups Manager (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Customizable fields available
  • Adjustable Valid Age
  • Color message and sound alerts
  • Works with wide variety of readers

The program will be useful for lots of different businesses (such as Bars, Casinos, Clubs, and other where do you want to check age or just know who your customers are). 

Just slide a Driver's license and you will see Name of the Person and Age (see screenshot above). 
The other fields will be saved to comma-separated log file. Full list of DL fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Birthday
  • Drivers License Number
  • License Expiration Date
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color

Information from driver's licenses will be saved on your hard drive, so you can analyze it later using such programs as MS Excel, MS Access, Lotus or other program that can recognize Comma Delimited format(*.CSV file). 

You can find out about age groups of your customers, what time they prefer to visit your place, male/female statistics, create accurate mailing lists and much more.

Download and view VeriAge Wizz Help File in Adobe PDF Format.     

Complete Age Verification System - $959.95

Complete Age Verification System - $459.95
(with Magnetic Stripe Reader only)

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