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Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode. Plus additional features such as Groups Manager and ability to work with new generation of 2D barcode and magnetic readers.

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VeriAge Wizz Software

VeriAge Wizz 2 Complete Installation NEW (includes all required components)
Download VeriAge Setup

VeriAge Wizz (older version)
Download VeriAge Setup

VeriScan Lite/Dorado Software

VeriScan Complete Installation
Download VeriAge Setup

Driver's License Component for Software Developers (SDK)

Demo SDK
Download VeriAge Setup

Demo SDK (Windows Mobile/CE Version)
Download VeriAge Setup


- 32-bit Driver for ID Tech MiniMag Magnetic stripe reader. Download 32-bit version.

- 64-bit Driver for ID Tech MiniMag Magnetic stripe reader. Download 64-bit version.

- E-Seek drivers. Download Drivers for your OS.

- Microsoft Framework 3.5 CE for SDK CE. Download Framework 3.5 for Windows Mobile/CE


Click Here to view the Flash Demo Click Here to view the VeriScan Flash Demo



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