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Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode. Plus additional features such as Groups Manager and ability to work with new generation of 2D barcode and magnetic readers.

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VeriScan Dorado/Lite

Effective and easy to operate membership database software with ability to capture photo image via connected camera. Collect, update and maintain your members' records with easy interface. Export data in multiple formats, save log entries and set up custom alerts. 

List of Features:

  • Reads any media, including Government issued Driver's Licenses
  • Multiple entry alert message (custom time frame)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Collects/maintains customers' info such as name and mailing address
  • Creates/exports log in multiple formats with exact time information
  • Customer category Manager (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Customizable fields available
  • Captures photo image via connected camera
  • Color message and sound alerts
  • Works with wide variety of readers, including RFID
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Membership expiration and inactivation option

    Works with virtually any kind of data reading hardware for barcodes (regular and 2D), magnetic stripes, RFIDs, direct keyboard entry and even US issued driver licenses! 
    VeriScan Lite is Free to use(up to 100 Cards/Membership Records and Unlimited log records) .
    If you want to store unlimited number of cards(membership records) just upgrade later to VeriScan Dorado for small one time fee.

The program is universal for almost any industry where tracking names, addresses and attendance is a needed. Private clubs, gyms, special event organizers and others will appreciate quick set up and hassle free operation. The program works with virtually any membership cards that your business might have already or order them and program will capture basic information such as Name, assigned Card number, gender, category, card expiration date, birth date, creation date and time, last access date and time, comments. Capture a member’s picture via a camera and database will store it. All you need is a PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista; data capture devices (optic and RFID scanners, card readers, etc) and a camera are optional. If card has been used within 1-999 hours (any value is available via settings) – the program will alert you. Database is ideal for generating mailing lists, attendance logs and variety of other applications.

 There are no fees or cost, just download and enjoy!

Download and view VeriScan Help File in Adobe PDF Format.     

In order to run this program you may need to install Microsoft Framework 2.0. It is a standard Microsoft Windows components and usually installed by default. In case if you don't have it you can download it for free from Microsoft web-site

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