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Complete Age Verification System.
System includes:

  • Netbook computer
  • IDScan.net reader Model 250(Magnetic stripe/2D barcode )
  • VeriAge Wizz Software
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    Do you need to effectively control access to your events?
    Do you need to perform age verification of your customers?
    Do you require identification solutions to manage your members?

    We Provide All-in-One Identification Verification, Access Control and Monitoring Solutions We at Wizz Systems, the founders of ID Scan (Nautilus Ware), possess more than a decade of expertise in the area of ID verification and access monitoring. Our seasoned professionals will work with you to custom tailor an identification solution to meet your business’ specific requirements as well as your budget. Not only do we provide powerful and reliable ID software (that can run off of many forms of government IDs including driver’s licenses) but we can also provide you with all of the necessary hardware (scanners and other barcode readers) to get you up and running in no time. No need to run around to various ID solutions providers – provide you with everything you need.

    Our ID Scan Product can help you with:

  • Age Verification

  •    Scan IDs and verify ages of customers to protect your business from liability for regulated activities
  • Visitor Management or Point of Sale Customer Management:
       Monitor who is coming in and out of your building or validate age or identity at Point of Sale
  • Event Management

  •    Check in attendees for your events (conferences, expos, festivals, fairs, etc.)
  • Membership Management

  •    Effectively enroll and track your members, their behavior patterns and their membership status
  • Staff Management

  •    Monitor when staff are on the premises, when they leave their stations, and the locations that they are given access to
  • Access Control Management

  •    Monitor access to your premises by strangers, who may arrive in vehicles

    We’re Your One-Stop Shop for Identification Solutions.
    We’ll work with you on complete ID Solutions (hardware, software, and implementation) that will meet your needs, or work with you on an ad-hoc basis should you wish to leverage our knowledge in the field or our software’s powerful data and report capabilities.

    Sample Businesses that Utilize Our Solutions:

    • Auto Dealerships
    • Clubs, Bars, Restaurants
    • Health Clubs
    • Retail Point of Sale Shops
    • Car rentals
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Pawn Shops

    Contact us to find out how you might benefit from our Drivers License or other ID Scanning Solutions.

    The first consultation is always free (a $150 value). Call or e-mail us for your free, no-obligation one-on-one with one of our experts today.

    Our Customers:


    3/11/10 - Completely redesign version of popular VeriAge Wizz (version 2) is now available in beta release. Please click here to download trial version for FREE. Improved interface, better reporting/export, multiple scan alerts are among numerous improvements of this Age Verification and ID capture software. Your feedback is always appreciated in our Forum

    2/23/10 - New Version 1.1.22 of Driver's License Component for Developers (SDK) has been released and is ready for download. Mobile version is available as well. All Canadian Driver's Licenses variations have been addresses. Also more readers (including those in kiosks) have been added to the list of supported hardware. We continue to offer SDK customization for any type of hardware at no additional charge. View our SDK Products Page. Our existing customers can download the updated full version from our ftp server at no charge.

    12/18/09 - New Version 1.1.18 of Driver's License Component for Developers (SDK) is ready for download. Java SDK compatibility was improved. First Name/Last Name parsing is more accurate because of the new artificial intelligence algorithm that checks DMV data for completeness. Also minor updates to DL recognitions are in place to provide better and faster results.
    SDK Products Page.

    09/16/09 - New SDK Driver's License Component for Windows Mobile/CE is ready for download. As always we offer Free, No Obligations trial to everyone - please see more details or contact us today for a Free Consultation.
    SDK Products Page

    07/30/09 - We are happy to announce price reduction on popular E-seek driver's license card readers and bundles (hardware and software packages).
    Software plus Magnetic stripe reader and 2D Bar code scanner only $599.95 View our new prices.

    06/17/09 - New Version 1.0.10 of Driver's License Component for Developers is ready for download. In order to impove decoding minor adjustments were applied to the component for some non-standard DL types for NC State.
    Our existing customers can download the updated full version from our ftp server.

    02/16/09 - Receive answers to your questions anytime. Come visit our new support forum on www.IDScan.net/forum Access is free to all customers. Browse our Frequently- Asked-Questions or ask a question of our skilled support personnel. We thank you for your continued business and welcome your feedback on our services.


    Click Here to view the Flash Demo Click Here to view the VeriScan Flash Demo
    Try our VeriAge and VeriScan Products for FREE!

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